Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Free SSDI SSI Disability Medical Records in Texas

Most states have laws that limit the amount a medical provider can charge for the copy and distribution of medical records requested for use in an application for SSI and SSDI disability benefits.

The Texas Health and Safety Code, Sections 161.201 through 161.204 prohibits medical providers from charging the claimant fees for records to be used in an application for disability benefits. This includes SSI and SSDI benefits as well as other types of disability benefits. The vast majorty of Texas medial providers are not aware of this law and must be shown a copy of the code, which can be found by clicking this LINK. For more Social Security Disability information check out my website

Friday, September 26, 2008

Texas Social Security Disability Benefit Denial Rates for FY 2007

The numbers are in for Social Security Disability initial claim and reconsideration denial rates for fiscal year 2007. The denial rate for initial claims in Texas was 58.3 percent, which was actually lower than the national average of 65.4 percent. The reconsideration denial rate in Texas was 80.4 percent in FY 2007, which was again lower than the national average of 87.3 percent. However, things could be better if you lived in New Hampshire (under the new system used in ten states that have eliminated reconsiderations) where the initial denial rate was a meager 44.8 percent. Things could be worse too! If you lived in Mississippi the intial denial rate was a staggering 76.6 percent with a reconsideration denial rate of 93.8 percent. For more Social Security Disability information check out my website